This is the spot where I am supposed to write some pretentious and incomprehensible nonsense about my art.  Or perhaps just say a little about myself, and why I like painting.

Painting is what makes me feel good.  I began drawing and painting when I was very young, and continued to dabble until a little over ten years ago, when I began experimenting with oil paint, which is now my preferred medium.  I enjoy painting a variety of subjects – there are potential paintings everywhere!  But I especially enjoy depicting urban and industrial scenes.  I am a member of the United Artists’ Society, and was a full member of the Armed Forces Art Society, until sadly it was wound up.  I have exhibited in the UK, including at the Mall Galleries, in Belgium, and in Austria, and my work has been bought by collectors all over the world.

If you’re interested in any of the work you see here, or in commissioning a piece, you can contact me at