2 thoughts on “Suede denim secret police”

  1. That’s a great painting…reminds me of my generally unsuccessful ownership of an Enterprise dingy capsizing down the “run” at Mudeford many yonks ago…your Dad & I had great fun messing about in boats, Rob having rather more success with his various motor cruisers . I can remember being ” skipper ” on maybe “Dawn” on the Avon & steering towards the bank only to have control? taken off me by Captain Rob.!! Cheryl & I were in St. Lucia some years ago where a group of us celebrated various birthdays. One of the party hired a Benateau 10 ish metre , we sailed down the coast & saw a couple of Hump back whales…a great sight. Anchoring diving off the stern was a good laugh too.
    Keep up the good work.
    All the best Uncle Tim

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