Tied to the mast

It’s the weekend, and so I’ve finally had time to paint a little more. Most of the background is done now (sorry about the glare on the photo from the wet paint). There are a few things to fix though, before I tackle painting the main subjects.

And I think figuring out the peculiar mix of warm and cool greys that I will need for the locomotives might be a challenge…

Untitled work in progress. Oil on panel. 61 x 43 cms.

1 thought on “Tied to the mast”

  1. Coming along well. photo of Jubilee ” Bahamas” in paper to-day (very atmospheric).Just come in from garden am puffed (sorry about the pun, no not really!) Cool & bright here, playing golf to-morrow under the new international system…….good, my handicap of 14 will increase for this old bu..er is getting knackered so easily now…Have been watching “Portrait Artist of the Year” very entertaining, some great skill from both the pro. & the amateurs.Having to complete a study in 2 hours is remarkable….over & out Oncle Tim

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